Banco Sabadell

Designing the ultimate on-boarding UX

One of Spain’s leading banks set us the challenge of developing a website to help the ‘on-boarding’ of their new employees.

The challenge

In order to be a leader in the banking industry, Banco Sabadell needs to attract and retain the best talent. However, the on-boarding of new employees is not always an easy and successful process for big corporations. They usually get lost in paperwork and unsexy tasks, while leaving aside a warmer welcome that highlights the feeling of belonging to a company right from the start.

Banco Sabadell asked us to build a comprehensive welcoming experience that would combine the provision of the right information and support to new staff from day one.

The solution

By making new employees feel welcome, this will enhance employee loyalty and retention and would be reflected in the bottom line of their corporation.

We developed a smooth digital experience through the use of a “welcome kit” site, which provided the right balance between supplying information on surviving the first few days in the company and sending welcome messages to make them feel at home from day one. The website provided the information split into ‘bite-sized’ sections, making them easy to digest. We also incorporated video content and crisp graphics into the designs to make them as clear as possible.

Throughout both of these, we have aimed for a friendly, clear and informative tone that will help new Banco Sabadell employees to start a long and successful career in the institution.


What we did

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