No Waves, No Glory

What started out as two guys (and an intern) who believed in a different way of creating and building brands, working from a small office in Barcelona, doing their thing, relentlessly and (fortunately) successfully, has now become an independent agency in BCN-Miami-LA. The agency continues to bring together more than 40 professionals who also share the vision that combining innovative processes, business strategy and a creative perspective is the secret to success when it comes to brand challenges.

Independent minds

We remain true to our origins, working hard to keep it real and personal with our clients who we regard as partners. Being an independent agency gives us room to be honest and transparent in our advice (no need for sugar-coating).

We believe that combining innovative processes, business strategy and a creative perspective is the secret to success when it comes to brand challenges.

Real multidisciplinary teamwork

A killer mix of profiles (and we're talking both professional and personally), combined with a passion for what we do and a healthy teamworking philosophy, allow us to meet eye-to-eye the challenges our clients bring; working alongside them and helping push their ideas further.

Moved by enthusiasm

Because we like to keep things interesting, we are constantly looking for ways to experiment and push boundaries. This is the shared spirit behind our initiatives: Firmamento, Apart, and F de Factory; created to explore and expand our views.

Meet the peeps

Anton Pinyol

Partner & Chief Creative Director

There is a light that never goes out.

Marc Lite

Partner & Chief Strategy Director

Branding 24/7, surfing the rest of the day.

Andrea Arrieta

Partner & Chief Innovation Director

Chasing Why's and How's; catching a few.

Cris Izquierdo

Digital Director

User & Planet Activist ?

María Roig-Gironella

US Strategy Director

Question authority, not your mother.

Laura Vidal

US Client Partner

I am listening to you as your future

Álex Cervera

Design Director

No hard feelings, it's only design.

Anna Duran

Strategic Innovation Director

Growing the sunny attitude ?

Adriana de Sandoval

Production Director

Out Of Budget

Gemma Rial

Strategy Director

More Rial than anything.

We’re always on the lookout for awesome people to join our team.
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Victòria Olivé

Paid Media Manager

Beloved Media for everyone.

Fèlix Comes

Brand Strategist

Born in the Pyrenees.

Raimon Mercadé

Art Director

There's a snake in my boot!

Isabel Munuera

Accounting Manager

I excel at Accounting.

Marta Galceran

Digital Design Manager

I like hashtags cause they look like waffles #

Laura Vilà

Brand Strategist

Benchmarks & Fuet.

Diana Jiménez

Project Coordinator & HR

Empowering your ideas to become great ?

Alba Eiriz

Brand Strategist

Hi there! I'm using Whatsapp.

Killer mix of people full of good ideas.

Carles Giménez

Graphic Designer

If you play with ma type, you will quemarte.

Georgina Balaguer

Brand Strategist

I wish I could take my cat to the office.

Kiko Peláez

UX/UI Designer

Rock 'N Roll all night in Figma.

Dídac Pérez

Graphic Designer

Stretch the muscles not the type.

Mario Martinasco

Brand Strategist

Going to Sicily is better than going to the club.

Lluís Cornella

Digital Experience Designer

You need lluix in your website.

Claudia Miuccio

Head of Social Media

If I could give up cheese, I can do anything. Att: a sad lactose intolerant.

Albert Pascual

Paid Media Strategist

If McDonalds is your idea of Real Food, you should talk to me!

Katherina Scavo

Office & Happiness Manager

Ready to help!

Mariona Alegre

Art Director

Ana-cardio's queen

Janire Fontanal

Graphic Designer


Paula Pérez



Berta Salanova

Brand Strategist

Salanova Supernova

Núria Gil

Paid Media Strategist

Black is my happy colour

María Romero

Motion Designer

I have a salt accent in my voice ?

Miquel Cendrós

Graphic Designer

Is this red or green?

Our initiatives


An open space for innovation. A place for watching trains go by without losing sight of them.

Check it out


Our locally produced surf brand, timeless textile collection inspired by the sea and the surf.

Check it out

F de Factory

Workshops. Shared knowledge. Team building.