A brand refresh with a new design system to scale the iconic second-hand marketplace brand.

Wallapop is one of the most iconic brands on the uprising second-hand marketplace. The brand is growing super fast, reaching new markets and being boosted by the new conscious consumption movement. But after years of growth and success, the brand system was not scaling across applications and the expression was inconsistent. So, our main goal was to refresh the brand and establish a powerful design system and tone of voice that could scale and better engage the millions of daily user of Wallapop.

The Wallapop logotype and symbol is super iconic and has an amazing awareness. That’s why we work on a technical redesign that increases legibility and a more harmonic composition.

We worked closely with Wallapop product and brand team to create a new brand platform that sets the framework to grow and scale. The new design system builds on the concept of the Wallapop product card. The rounded squares generates a grid of modules that change and adapt to each brand touchpoint. The core color is the iconic Wallapop green so we kept it as their key visual but a the new wider color palette gives more diversity and expression.

The project has moved beyond a set of brand visual assets and guidelines. We help Wallapop establish a clear textual tone of voice, fun, friendly and super direct. Positive vibes and inspiration to the Wallapop community.

What we did

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