A self-reflection tool for brands

When it comes to building lasting relationships, every interaction counts. So how can brands be more aware of how they interact with their audiences? Along with the Typeform team, we co-created a tool to this end.

Helping brands gain consciousness through 6 different journeys of self-reflection

Reaching the right solution through a process of iteration & optimization

We knew we wanted to create a new kind of digital experience that was intuitive and offered the space for real meditation. To achieve this, we developed, prototyped and refined several concepts before reaching the final solution.

Applying Math to enable customized journeys

Creating a customizable experience was one of our top priorities. This was possible thanks to an innovative logic that uses bubble dimensions to add or substract questions to the journeys based on the user.

A tool also shaped as a VR experience and a physical card game

To make Brand Compass accessible to all, we partnered with Antilop to translate it into a virtual reality experience. In addition, we created a printed version of the questions that can be used as a card game.

What we did

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