Enhancing the digital ecosystem of Natura Selection

Brands that engage understand the value of a complete 360 experience, both at the physical and digital level. That’s why Natura asked us to redefine their e-commerce user experience to boost their brand personality and convey the entire visual universe within its digital ecosystem.

A playful & modular system

We proposed a module-based visual system that conveys the brand's eclecticism while allowing an ongoing evolution of the imagery and product miscellaneous. Like navigating through a Naura store in search of that perfect something, you can't help but wonder what you will encounter next. It's flexible and responsive, offering a consistent experience across devices.

An eclectic personality

One of the challenges we faced was translating the brand warm and dreamy personality into the online world. To achieve this, we outfitted the brand with a set of graphic resources that take inspiration from the Natura universe and come together in a collage-like system.

A full UX process

We also developed the site's content architecture. Through rapid prototyping and user testing we optimized the UX and landed on the final solution. The website was developed following an agile methodology with design and coding sprints.

A multi-device e-commerce experience

The result is an integrated website experience that immerses users in Natura's evocative universe of wonder, allowing them to explore and discover products and finishing the purchase in a frictionless process. A balance of brand inspiration and usability that drives brand appeal and optimizes conversion.

What we did

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