Giving a digital twist to a bold brand

A bold and irreverent digital content strategy for MediaMarkt.

The challenge

The notion of storytelling might have not changed over the last few years, yet the media and formats through which these stories are told have indeed changed, and will continue to be reinvented and evolve every single day. You need to capture a user’s attention within the first 3 seconds of a 6 second video in social media, reinvent your Instagram stories with new hacks or use the latest e-commerce tag integration in Facebook and Instagram in order to stand out from the crowd.

Media Markt asked us to be their digital agency for digital and social media content generation in Spain, both for organic and paid campaigns.

The solution

We are always focused on finding ideas and stories that grab the attention of hyper strict and selective Media Markt users. From developing an in-depth understanding of the behavior of the client’s audience, we have developed a fun, irreverent style which has viral appeal and is instantly engaging.

While always on brand, the imagery used is stylish, bold and memorable –we are always seeking to wow Media Markt’s community with unique, distinctive ideas, devised specifically for each of their social media channels and latest formats.

Bold actions to inspire a fearless brand

The corruption scandal involving the “Black Credit Cards”, one of the largest to ever hit Spain, served as the foundation for one of our campaign actions.

With the title “Sé un pez gordo”, we launched a digital native campaign that was both edgy and transgressive. This resulted in greater positive feelings towards the brand as the campaign resonated deeply with the sentiment of the public.

What we do

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