Accelerating businesses & society towards a smarter world

Ignion is a technology innovator that has disrupted the antenna’s sector. The company has invented a new technology, Virtual Antenna, to make the launch of new IoT products easier. A new generation of antennas, small, powerful and multiband, that accelerate the time to market of new product innovations. We partnered with Ignion to position the company as the ultimate innovator in connecting people and things.

Disruptive storytelling

Our challenge was to explain technical concepts in an easier way and accessible to everyone. Therefore, it was essential to visually communicate the technology and its different characteristics in a disruptive way. As a result, we created a fresh & innovative visual language and a dynamic website that match with Ignion’s technology.

Redefining the future of connectivity

The goal was to present the company as a disruptive innovator that has started a revolution in the IoT world and show it in a simple, busines-minded and powerful way. Both the naming and the visual identity were inspired by the idea of Ignition to better represent the concepts of innovation, acceleration and power.

What we did

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