Coffee roasted the Spanish way.

From a Spanish family-run coffee roasting company to an innovative and authentically handcrafted global brand.

The challenge

In the past decade the coffee market has changed beyond recognition. The boom in craft and gourmet coffee-making (the so-called, “Third Wave of Coffee”) has challenged the traditional industry to keep up. As the market expands, coffee producers have had to find creative ways of adapting to the market trends, without losing the essence of their heritage.

Granell—a family-owned coffee roasting company from Sueca, Valencia—challenged our branding team to come up with a fresh, exciting new narrative and tone of voice to complement their fantastic coffee and help their international expansion. The mission statement for the project was: “Roasted the Spanish way”.

Our team set about planning ways to make a distinctive and recognizably Mediterranean look to their packaging. We wanted to capture the spirit of the region and its people: warm, joyful, passionate and spontaneous.

The solution

As part of our strategy, we developed a specific visual language, exemplifying the beauty and vibrancy of Spain and the Mediterranean, which could be translated into the design of a new website, brochure and a fresh product line.

We wanted the packaging design of each of the varieties of Granell—their “Mediterranean Blends”—to create a strong impression of Mediterranean life. We collaborated with two talented illustrators, Charlotte Molas and Pol Montserrat, whose beautiful work perfectly encapsulated the vision we had proposed to Granell.

The passionate team at Granell played a huge part in the overall success of the collaboration. They were incredibly receptive to our ideas and really positive about the unique refresh we gave to their brand. Plus we think the results speak for themselves!

What we did

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