Locally surfed. Locally produced

Turning a passion project into a business with our own surf inspired brand, Firmamento.

Our desire

For Firmamento, the approach is different. Now we’re not explaining a commissioned work, but our beloved, personal and side project at Firma. “The challenge” here is our desire and “the solution” is a constant and motivating challenge.

At our HQ in Barcelona, we are fortunate enough to be just a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean Sea. It’s not only a matter of being close in distance, it’s more about a personal attachment to the sea that comes and grows through our passion for surfing and its culture and we wanted to find a way to share this in a personal way.

Our challenge

In 2013, Firmamento was born. The motivation was to create a locally produced, timeless textile collection inspired by the sea and the local surf scene of Barcelona. We like to keep sustainability at the heart of our products, so all are ethically sourced and produced. Our collections are limited editions, so our customers buy something that is truly unique.

Firmamento is currently moving further away from clothing production and embarking upon bold collaborative ventures with other creatives and professionals, creating fresh and unique products and contents. This is the new push for us as a brand.

We have devised a strategy which is both an online and offline experience. The idea behind this is that people will be able to: check out and buy Firmamento’s latest collections on our website; read the Journal; or actually come in, meet us, try on the garments or browse through our curated selection of rare editorials and independent surf publications in our showroom, which is open during Firma's office hours and staffed by any of our colleagues.

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