Shaping the future
of education

In the wake of its 60th anniversary, Esade Business and Law School presents its new brand to become more relevant in an ever-changing and dynamic context. The evolution reflects Esade’s determination to reinforce its fundamental mission and make it tangible through its new brand claim: “Do Good. Do Better.” This new global positioning embodies the idea of a meaningful change through its focus on innovation and social commitment with a clear message that is deeply ingrained in human potential.

A wordmark inspired
by its origins

Esade’s new brand image draws from the business school’s first logo in 1958 as its main reference. The result is a lowercase wordmark that is reminiscent of the business school’s founding spirit, but modified to a modern and bold aesthetic that speaks true to the brand’s evolution.

A new typeface

Esade’s new wordmark is derived from a newly designed font system focusing on the idea of placing the student at the centre of progress. This exercise strengthens the personality of the institution and reflects a unique identity across all touchpoints. A serif display labelled as Esade Font, composed of three font weights with stencil details, all innovative in its forms and demonstrating great character.

A student-centered

For the brand’s official release at the national and international levels, we focused on a highly visual campaign revolving around the new corporate claim: “Do Good. Do Better". The images were based on clean portraits photographed by Laia Benavides. The overarching aim of the campaign is to unify the institution’s communication basing it on the human dimension and placing the user at the centre of the process.

A new insights & Knowledge
digital platform

As a part of the new brand strategy, we developed a fully digital ecosystem that includes “Do Good. Do Better”, a knowledge and information hub bringing the new brand narrative to life. This portal will be leveraged as a source of information by thousands of professionals and faculty members from the Esade network.

What we did

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