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Drinkfinity is an innovative beverage system developed by PepsiCo that’s as good for people as it is for the planet. It is personal, functional and sustainable, allowing people to create their own beverage anywhere, anytime.

The challenge

In a landscape guided by what appears to democratize innovation, countless visionaries backed by hungry financial firms are inviting consumers to rethink every single aspect of their life. This comes as no surprise, given that lifestyles are changing and new-born consumer behaviors demand disruptive products and service offerings.

Nevertheless, there has still been no breakthrough in the beverages category. New flavors and formats keep product portfolios alive… and our taste buds entertained. So what? Are any of these innovations truly meaningful or sustainable over time? PepsiCo reached out to us as they were determined to change this.

The solution

Drinkfinity was born as a challenge. It was a challenge to the industry, to the way large corporations operate and, most importantly, to the meaning that beverages can have for consumers. Informed by key macro-trends and a thorough co-creation process with real consumers, Firma was involved in the product conceptualization, as well as the development of the big brand idea – for Drinkfinity to be a drink for every one of you.

The ultimate goal was to turn an innovative beverage system into a cult brand that truly spoke to Drinkfinity’s target audience, the ‘Conscious Urbanites’. This could only be achieved through a system of redefined boundaries. Standing at the intersections of digital + physical, naturality + innovation and start-ups + large corps, we set out to build a visceral brand narrative: one that resonated with consumers and evolved hand in hand with their realities.

Drinkfinity is one of the industry’s first moves to drive transformational innovation in the beverages category. The fact that it has been led from start to finish by a large corporation like PepsiCo is just further proof that all norms are up for debate.

A new way to innovate

A new way to launch

A new way to reach consumers

A new clicks and bricks approach to ensure wide product accessibility. By leveraging the experiential benefits of traditional retail as a funnel to the e-commerce environment to drive replenishment, consumers are immersed in a user-friendly landscape where they can discover, learn and purchase the product in a seamless way.

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