Bitter KAS

The rebirth of a modern classic

Relaunching one of the most iconic Spanish aperitive beverages.

The challenge

Creating a new demand from scratch is not an easy job. However, if the purpose is to recover a demand entrenched in a past era with an old-fashioned target and an already preestablished imaginary brand, neither is that. Nobody said it was easy, but we achieved it.

In 2015, the brand reinvented itself with a notorious TV campaign under the concept of “From 1966 until you like it”, a very powerful claim that, along with the existing universe around Bitter KAS, made it really easy for us to define its Digital Ecosystem.

The solution

Beyond deciding if Bitter KAS combines better with vermouth or just with ice and a slice of orange, at Firma we defined a new Digital Universe for the brand.

Our main task was to create a Social Media Strategy, to define and conceptualize the brand’s territories and its visual implementation, and to create a fresh tone of voice for a new target audience.

But that is not all. In keeping with its new rebranding, we enhanced the current brand identity by creating a new visual system that is able to communicate the brand across different media and formats, without losing its core essence.

What we did

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