An elevated
narrative to
scale the brand

Badi is a leading platform making
long-term room rentals easier
and safer. With the company
scaling globally, Firma partnered
with Badi to bring to life the start
up’s mission to offer the most
compelling experience in the

A new culture around flat sharing

When we started working with Badi the brand followed a product-centric approach anchored on rational attributes. After immersing ourselves in the Badi universe by talking to its users and team members, and researching what the future of urban housing will look like, we soon understood Badi’s greatest potential lied on the human side of the brand.

After all, Badi is not only giving you access to a room, but to a whole new family. With this in mind we set out to build a brand that proposed a new culture around flat sharing. More meaningful, empowering, community-focused and connected.

The power of sharing

Ultimately, the core idea of the new brand positioning is that great things happen when we share. This permeates across the new brand narrative, which goes beyond typical product features to uncover all the possibilities that sharing a place can bring, both from an individual and a collective level.

A visual system inspired by the community

We wanted the new Badi to feel more human and personal. To achieve this we created an expressive visual system that reflects the brand’s positive personality. Still, it is flexible enough to behave in a more contained way when needed.

A balance of font, color and imagery

Termina and Badi are the brand's primary fonts. Together with the new color palette, they convey Badi's expressiveness. The visual system is completed with an elevated photographic style that draws inspiration from the community. Lifestyle photography seeks to capture authentic moments between people, while Badi homes are portrayed calm and filled with positive energy. We also refreshed Badi's family of illustrations to convey key ideas, metaphors and concepts in bold and concise way.

Building an integrated digital experience

We worked with the Badi team on social and paid media playbooks to bring the brand to life consistently across touchpoints.

What we did

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