Accure Therapeutics

Discovering ground-breaking CNS treatments

Central nervous system (CNS) disorders are a leading cause of disability and a major cause of deaths worldwide, with prevalence set to increase due to an aging population. Biotech company Accure is in a mission to dramatically improve the therapeutic game for patients suffering from CNS diseases.

A new brand name for a new beginning

Inspired by two key concepts in the R&D world, we came up with Accure, a neologism composed by Accurate and Cure that encapsulates the essence of the brand. Our goal was to bring the company's innovative side to life with a human, positive and simple brand that sought inspiration beyond traditional healthcare conventions.

A human visual system

The design system and web are articulated through a set of abstract watercolor textures that recall the lab imagery and a distinctive use of illustrations to showcase patients and their diseases. Intentionally combined with Aeonik and Canela typefaces, we strive to create a balance between the brand's rigorosity and its human side and to challenge the category standards of scientific and rational imaginary.

What we did

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